News & Views: A Different Kind of Bike
Newsletter – Thursday, August 15, 2019
My dad favored BMW motorcycles and when I was younger, I was a Honda Goldwing guy. But lately, I’ve taken to riding the human-powered version of 2-wheeled transport. Mostly at lunchtime, though sometimes I sneak out mid-day, I try to get a 10-mile bicycle ride in. I’ve turned into one of those people who actually look forward to exercising!
It happened by accident. I’m not on a diet; I just realized that I should stop eating when I was full. I also started drinking a lot more water. When I lost several pounds it more or less took me by surprise. After that, I was all in. Teri and I have been hiking on the weekends and now I ride my bike when I can, and if I leave half that steak on my plate I no longer feel obliged to finish it! The folks in my office are on my case about buying some pants that fit. I have finally managed to change my perception from "I’ll never be fit again" to "Wow, I really feel good."
Sometimes we have to be intentional about change, but at other times it can sneak up on you and you just have to embrace it. Inertia, and in this context I mean the slow decline of change in the wrong direction, whether in business or life, is not a good thing. So today, let’s talk about how we push back and embrace change! 
First of all, never give up!! If you have a shot at writing a piece of business, then we are here to help you get it done. Tuscano has markets that write ‘outside the box’ business; don’t be afraid to go after it. We’ve picked up several carriers in the last few months including Nautilus Insurance Company for contract binding P&C, as well as James River and Admiral for brokerage. Let us take a look at your tough accounts because now we have even more capacity.
What I love about insurance is that I see and learn new things all the time. I am constantly challenged to hone my understanding of changes in our industry as well as the industries we insure. There is no better proof than the recent explosion of cannabis-related risks in need of good insurance coverage. Tuscano can insure all types of operations from cultivation to extraction, manufacturing to retail, and medical products to edibles. We can offer liability with or without products, on an occurrence or claims-made basis, property for growers, manufacturers, retailers or lessor’s risk. We can also help you place allied health types of risks such as medical marijuana evaluation clinics, or place excess liability, management liability, and professional liability for all of the above!  I’d say that just about covers it!
Here at Tuscano, we think one of the roles we fill is to provide useful and helpful tools for writing excess and surplus lines types of business. Our series of staff-led webinars is one resource that I think you will love. We are covering all types of topics and products including cannabis! All of the sessions have been recorded so even if you missed the live event, you can take advantage of the information we provide and stay up with the ever-changing products and risks we deal with. You can find them on our website home page or use this webinars link to see all off the webinars we’ve recorded.
I am proud of the Tuscano brand we have built and the fact we are changing all the time. Our goal is to be the friendliest and most knowledgeable wholesaler you work with.
Be the change!