News & Views: My Favorite Holiday
Newsletter – Monday, July 1, 2019
I guess it is becoming pretty common for businesses to close for an extra-long weekend when national holidays fall on a Tuesday or Thursday. Tuscano hadn’t planned to close on July 5, (putting it on the calendar just seemed too presumptuous), but the first half of 2019 has been pretty demanding on Team Tuscano. So, we decided to honor our founding father, Bill Tuscano, whose mantra is “Work hard, play hard”. Happy Independence Day weekend! Mark it on your awesome Tuscano calendar that the Tuscano Agency will be closed July 4th and 5th for the Independence Day holiday.
Independence Day is still my favorite national holiday. I feel a duty of citizenship is to honor our country’s legacy. So, if the last time you read our country’s foundational documents was in middle school, then I’d be OK with you ditching my newsletter and spending some quality time with the Declaration of Independence. This document embodies the vision of a few radicals, proposing a revolution, that would usher in a bold new future for the yet to be United Colonies. It was crazy I tell you!
Personally, I believe the Constitution of the United States coupled with the Bill of Rights are truly inspired and “living” documents – they are never irrelevant. They are both well worth your time to read. We’ve come so far as a country, yet we are not without our faults and sins to atone for. 100 years ago, not all people in our country were treated equally. And 100 years from now, our great-grandchildren will have to understand (or not) the behaviors we have permitted in our generation. This, however, is my most earnest prayer and desire: that our country is strong enough to overcome divisions and wise enough to commit to a path of liberty and justice for all. 
Before we get this holiday started, it seems like a good idea to remind you that Tuscano CAN do contracting risks – both large and small. Sure, we are great at writing artisan and trade contractors. We can quickly turn a quote and have no problem with start-ups or sub-contractors. That said, we can help you with so much more than tree trimmers, welders, and roofers. Before you can build, you sometimes have to demolish, so add demolition contractors to the list Tuscano can write. When running a demolition operation, you may need to put up detours, or post flaggers for the job – something Tuscano can help you insure. If excavators and land movers are part of the project let us help you with them too. Whether you are looking for primary or excess, pollution coverage, or contractor’s equipment, our underwriters are happy to discuss any risk. If you’re having a problem because you need a waiver of subrogation or special additional insured wording, we are here to deliver solutions! 
It’s true, we have been working our tails off (butt is still a censored word according to my editors), but we love to write business! All day, every day - well except this Thursday and Friday!
Have a great Independence Day!