News & Views: I get you
Newsletter – Monday, June 3, 2019
Recently, the folks on our management team all decided to take the Myers Briggs personality assessment and then share the results with each other. The results were so freakishly spot-on that some of our team tried to game the assessment; they had their spouses take the test ‘as them’ and it still came out the same. I, on the other hand, asked my spouse to take the assessment, “The better to understand you, my dear.”
Aren’t all relationships based on the ‘I get you’ factor? A lack of the basic ability to understand one another’s motivations and perspectives is the barrier that prevents relationships from developing. And when you ‘get’ someone, isn’t the relationship productive and meaningful? By the way, my profile is ISFJ, which simply stated is “Can’t we all just get along?”
Getting our customers is something the team here at Tuscano is always working on. Someone may have an idea on how to do things, but we always need to take a step back and ask how will this impact our customers. Unfortunately, we don’t have a conduit directly into the collective minds of retail producers and account execs. I wish we did! Would direct billing be the answer to all of our customer’s woes? What about policy download? Share with us what would make your life easier and we’ll do our best to go there. In the meantime, I think we know what is most important! Be Responsive!!
As you may have heard by now, Tuscano Agency has acquired Insurance Markets, Inc., an independent, family-owned wholesaler located in Clarks Summit, PA, in the northeastern corner of Pennsylvania. We’ve been working all month to ensure a smooth transition for the customers, markets, and staff involved. On Monday, June 3rd the team at Insurance Markets will be a part of the team at Tuscano. So give a big Tuscano welcome to Bill, Joe, Peter, and Ryan (aka The Tierneys). There is also a plus one to the team. Sue Montgomery has taken a new position at Tuscano to work with the Tierneys. Sue will be the Sr. Assistant Underwriter for the book of business that was acquired and will assist the four underwriters in servicing their policies and managing the renewals. Robin Tuscano, the Transportation Team Manager here in Greensburg, will take on the additional responsibility of branch manager for the Clarks Summit office. I think we have a winning team poised to do great things!
We have seen a lot of success lately in placing both Environmental and Commercial Umbrella business. These two classes are emblematic of the types of business you think of calling a surplus lines broker to help you with. Just make sure that broker is Tuscano! You need to look no further because we CAN do it! One type of environmental account we work on a lot are risks with underground tanks and the contractors that work with them. But honestly, the casualty team here at Tuscano is up for any challenge, whether you have a client looking for coverage for the first time or a renewal that you want to shop for coverage or premium (but please, give us a chance to discuss the risk with you before you go to the trouble of remarketing the account).
See – YOU get me!