News & Views: Team Tuscano
Newsletter – Monday, March 18, 2019
I’m not usually a ‘stay under the radar’ kind of guy, but when the agency decided to put together teams for the Pittsburgh Marathon this year I drug my feet just long enough for other people to fill the spots. Sometimes I get energized by stretch goals and other times I know when I just need to sit the bench. This year, we are lucky to have plenty of motivated people that will be running the streets of Pittsburgh on May 5th and I’ll be glad to cheer them on.
I have watched from the sidelines as my wife and sister ran marathons and even though I didn’t put in the hard work, I felt the thrill of accomplishment (vicariously of course!). Being a committed spectator makes me appreciate what is required to undertake such a goal. The way I understand a marathon training plan is you start at the race date and schedule your long runs backward – two weeks out from race day is your last long run. Subtract 2 miles and 2 weeks until you are at your base mileage or today’s date. That’s how long you need to get to race-ready. 
In our business, we create our goals and then make our plan for how we ‘get there’. I finally learned this after years of goal-setting. We want to grow by 15%!! Cool – how?
Growing our premium starts with doing the small but critical things better – like picking up the phone, getting to know our customers, reducing the time it takes to respond to new business and service requests and making sure our customers feel confident that Tuscano can get the job done for them. Before you know it, our workplace is happier, our customers are happier and I am happier! Wait – was that the goal? Turns out it was. Happier workplaces are growing workplaces!
Spring is in the air! Along with the longer days and warmer breezes, we’ll be seeing more construction activity, home buying, and motorsports. These are all perfect opportunities for you to write business with Tuscano! 
Contractors have long been one of the leading products we write. In fact, you can easily get a quote by using our Craft and Trade Contractor Raterfor any number of artisan contractor classes. These are bind-able quotes with competitive terms. All it takes is a login to our website and in less time that it would take to complete an app you can have a quote in hand. At this time, the contractor rater is only available for Pennsylvania risks.
On the other hand, if you just need a quick indication of pricing or want to see how several of our GL markets would price out a risk, try our GL Rate Nowtool. It works in all states we are currently licensed and appointed. You can get an indication of rate on almost any GL class – not just contractors, and it is the perfect tool for indicating a price to your customer and getting a sense of your options. 
But don’t stop there – we are also happy to work with you on tough classes, bigger exposures, and large brokerage accounts. Whether you have a large property-driven account, a hefty work comp risk or a fleet of trucks, we have the team of professional underwriters and brokers that will treat you right and deliver insurance solutions.
You know, my sister never came in first in a marathon, but she was always happy at the finish line. When you find joy just being in the race, you will find the true meaning of winning.
We’re in it to win it!