News & Views: No Worries
Newsletter – Friday, February 1, 2019
I’ve been doing a little introspection lately and I’ve realized I have turned into a stage 1 worry-wart. Fortunately, I think I’ve caught it early and my recovery chances are very good. 
I’m pretty sure this condition started sometime in my fifties. As a young man, I was adventurous, active, and pretty care-free. Even now, I have a family that’s healthy, my kids are well-adjusted, and we all love each other. So I have to ask myself, where is this coming from? Grace and Sam were home for a couple days this week, and at the ages of 23 and 20, they have a pretty reasonable outlook on life. They have their own aspirations and they’re not worried at all! But yet I stress over what my kids will be doing in 5 years. I find myself worrying about the business which is silly because Tuscano Agency is doing great! I worry about what I will do when I retire even though I don’t have to make that choice any time soon. The treatment (self-prescribed) is to get out of my own head. 
Planning and goal-setting is another way to overcome day-to-day anxiety about your business and is a discipline we practice here at Tuscano. Every week, the management team checks in with each other about the steps they’ve taken and any progress they can measure on their goals. Our objectives aren’t just about hitting production numbers! We set goals for innovation and other goals aimed at delighting customers and team members alike. 
I’m hoping your business plan includes utilizing Tuscano for greater success. There is a lot of specialization going on in our industry, but like you, we are here to serve our customer first and in any way we can. If you would like to write it, then chances are, so do WE! If you worry whether Tuscano writes it, don’t! Go to where it is all laid out for you. There are numerous examples of accounts we’ve bound so you can instantly see what we are writing and where. And we have dozens of commercial and personal linesproduct pages as an introduction to the products we can place for you. It’s time to stop saying I didn’t know Tuscano could write that and start saying – Tuscano placed that for me! 
I wanted to get my magic eight-ball out to see what 2019 might have in store for us but you know what, I’m not going to worry about it! There will be hard work, rush requests, good people to work with, and a lot of satisfaction from a job well done. And I’m not worried at all!