News & Views: Dear Santa - 2018
Newsletter – Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Well, here we are, it’s the holidays and as usual, I am running a little behind. Most of my shopping is completed, but I’ve been stuck on my wish list. I’m already so blessed and I have all of the really important things a person needs in life: my kids are gainfully employed and practically self-sufficient. My wife still loves me and the dog has not run away yet! The agency is growing and we are getting feedback from our customers that we are doing a great job for them! I have more than enough wine in my cellar to get me through a zombie apocalypse (but if you have any recommendations I’d be delighted to hear them). My greatest pleasure (as is yours) is giving to others so that’s what my list this year is mostly about!

  • The staff here at Tuscano is on my Nice List – they are awesome to work with and do their jobs with so much enthusiasm I would love for you to put a little extra something in their stockings.
  • The Commercial Transportation team is writing all kinds of trucking - old & new, big & small. We’re even in the long haul trucking game now! There is one little thing though – we sure could use some good clean submissions from our customers – ones that our markets will compete on. While you are at it, could you sweeten up some of our carriers to write more of the business we see?
  • Can you get the word out to our brokers that we really, really want to work on their restaurant, bar, motel, and hotel, accounts for them? We’ll even throw in a great liquor quote. The truth is, the Property Team is quick to respond and our customers think they are great to work with! The Tuscano team sure does go over and above to get a great quote in our customer’s hands! This would be a gift that gives back!   
  • Pittsburgh sports franchises could use a little boost this season. If you could deliver a strong finish for the Steelers, some consistent play for the Penguins hockey team and – well just about anything for the Pirates franchise that could help their prospects – everyone in Southwestern PA would be thrilled. We like winning! 
  • My sister, Joady got a new puppy – I want a new puppy
  • The Casualty Team is asking that you get the word out. They are writing some really unusual stuff – they want to be known for their ability to jump on the tough classes and get them written
  • I can’t forget Personal Lines – this team is amazing at turning new business around fast. And they are seeing a ton of dwelling business so be sure to pass that along to all of our customers. 
  • I may not be too popular if this gets out, but Santa, send more snow. After all, it is winter here in Pennsylvania but it is beginning to feel like I live in Seattle, well, except for the politics.
  • Last and most important, I want to be a part of helping those who live in fear, are oppressed, or have no hope for a better life. I pray that all the world may have peace and love this holiday season.

Thanks Santa, you’re the best friend a guy could ever have.

I will always believe!