News & Views: Love Your Neighbor
Newsletter – Friday, November 2, 2018
Any bad idea can become truth if it is left unchecked. Last weekend, many lives and families were shattered by one person’s hate. The Jewish community in Pittsburgh suffered from one man’s evil ideals. In response to “Love the Lord your God with all your heart”, Pittsburghers have responded with a resounding “Love our neighbor as ourselves”. Pittsburgh is a strong and resilient community, and we have learned we are stronger together – stronger than hate. 
As we head into November, I for one am looking forward to holidays and family time. It is hard to believe we are nearing the end of 2018. Tuscano Agency has tallied up some pretty impressive figures (for us anyway)! We’ve looked at over 30,000 new business submissions and turned around over 20,000 quotes and nearly 7000 new business binders. And we couldn’t have done it without you and the confidence you have in us that we will take care of you and your customer. I am forever thankful to work in this business, and with such a great group of agencies and producers. 
Our Transportation Team is rocking and rolling this year to a close! We have a great team of five underwriters now, and it is making a huge difference in everyone’s stress levels! Whatever your needs for ‘wheels’ insurance may be, give one of the team a call and they’ll be happy to talk through the risk and if possible, give you an indication.
Habitational business is a hot property class. One type of risk we are hitting on is mixed use occupancy properties such as retail or commercial operations with apartments on the upper floors. We can also write partially vacant properties which can actually be more problematic for standard carriers than fully vacant ones. If so, we are here to help! We have quite a few markets writing schedules of dwellings, properties being rehabbed, student housing and properties on the water. Give us a call, we can be very competitive on nicer apartments, with some markets even offering a BOP coverage form. 
When it comes to personal lines habitational business, the team is really on their game! We are seeing owner and non-owner-occupied properties, and they are writing business in states from New Hampshire to Georgia, Virginia to Illinois. Properties, including seasonal and vacation rentals are not a problem. We write everything from low value to high-end, and have both admitted and non-admitted paper options. If you like, we have an online dwelling & homeowner submission tool that can be used to submit your account for a quote. With it, we can approach any one of the several markets that we have based on the risk profile. Don’t forget that American Modern Insurance has a very robust dwelling program that you can rate, bind, and issue yourself - all online. The Tuscano Personal Lines Team is here to help. Just give them a call on your next dwelling property account. 
Have a great weekend, don’t forget to turn back the clock, and remember, Love everybody.