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News & Views: Hitting the Trail
Newsletter – Wednesday, October 3, 2018
I’m a pretty big fan of the Rails to Trails system that is spreading throughout the country (and maybe the world?). Most of us have a least one trail system nearby. These are typically abandoned railroad beds that communities have recovered and turned into biking, running, and dog-walking trails. I especially love the trails that connect communities. 
Here in western PA, we have the Great Allegheny Passage which runs from Pittsburgh – mile 0 – to Cumberland, Maryland and goes on to connect with the C&O Canal Towpath which runs all the way to Washington, DC. If you are ever looking for an awesome adventure, I can recommend a bike trip on this trail which has plenty of support and way stations. 
The thing about these trails is they all have mile markers - the modern day version of a milestone. They tell you how far you’ve come, how far you have to go and most importantly, they tell you where you are! We all have milestones in our lives that orient us – the year we got married, the year our first grandchild was born. They also mark an accomplishment – Teri and I celebrated our 26th wedding anniversary this year and my folks celebrated their 70th wedding anniversary this month! Here at Tuscano, we take pride in remembering our milestones and accomplishments so much so we actually have a timeline on the wall in our big meeting room. It’s always fun to look back on where we have come from and envision the milestones waiting for us down the trail. 
Looking to the future is all about laying a good foundation. Tuscano is focused on that with committing to service standards, caring about what our customers need, investing in our team, and setting our strategy to grow our business. 
Fundamentally, Tuscano is an underwriting organization. We bring our expertise about the coverages we offer and knowledge about the exposures to adequately insure a risk. We love seeing the funky and unique accounts that come across our desks: professional liability for a back scratcher, yoga with goats, or insuring Santa Claus. Yup – we see a lot of fun accounts. But at our core, we write E&S and brokerage business you see on your desk every week: professional liability for a compounding pharmacy, a shop that installs and repairs telescopes, and a manufacturer of wooden swings and outdoor furniture, plus restaurants, habitational, trucks, garages and used car dealers, and work comp on almost anything. 
One line we are seeing a lot of growth in is commercial excess and umbrella. This line is becoming ever more important for business owners and is often contingent on meeting the conditions of a work contract. That’s where Tuscano can come to your rescue! We’ve written an auctioneer with a prior loss history, higher limits for a water extraction and restoration contractor, and a $2M layer in a total $40M excess limit for a large truck fleet. Whether it’s a daycare, habitational, contractor or trucking, Tuscano has lots of markets and relationships that help you round out your account or place your unusual risk. 
While Tuscano hasn’t been in business as long as my parents have been married, we are just as devoted to you, our customer. When you come across an account that you need to broker think of us. We are in it for the long haul. 
Happy Trails!