Newsletter - Thursday, March 1, 2012

I made it through most of my 20’s and 30’s listening to cool music – classic rock with a touch of alternative at times. At some point, my morning commute listening choice changed to the local NPR station. However, when the station is in the middle of their fundraising campaign, I do get a little annoyed. I also make the decision that no, I would not like it very much if our local public radio went away, so I send my annual support.

How does a preference, whether for news, politics, eating, or music change? I noticed that I have picked up a taste for country-western lately. It started when Jerry the Contractor was working at our house and had it playing every day, all day for nearly 9 months! Then my daughter started changing the radio station in the car (shotgun!) to CW. Now I find I am gravitating to country all on my own. Imagine the subtlety of this change – something I thought was hard-wired into my brain has changed, and now I am openly admitting I am a CW fan!

I know there are Tuscano fans out there. Everywhere I go I am greeted by people who love working with our staff, love the newsletter, love the website. If you are one of these folks, then you have made a choice to work with Tuscano. My goal is for everyone I meet to make that choice and miss it if it were taken away! What I really want to know how to do is what I will dub 'Jerry the Contractor’s CW immersion'. Without even knowing it or wanting it, my family took on Jerry’s musical tastes. If you read this newsletter long enough, I am hoping you’ll take on my preference for an insurance wholesaler – Tuscano!

Business with Tuscano can be easy or edgy, run-of-the-mill or high-impact. Just because we are ‘easy listening’ doesn’t mean we can’t hit on the ‘heavy metal’ accounts. Where did we get that rap anyway? Some of the most competitive people I know work at Tuscano Agency - starting with my own sister! Yes, we are sticklers for doing it right – for both underwriting and loss control reasons. But don’t write us off when it comes to the unusual, complicated, or large accounts!

Some wholesalers may try to convince you that the only way you can get the best quote for trucks, restaurants, or umbrella coverage is if you call them. Some brokers would claim to be specialists, but offer no more and no better markets than Tuscano. Why would you put yourself through that aggravation when the people you like and who are invested in your success are right here?

You know, this is leap year and I for one appreciate that there is an extra day just to be able to get up, drive to work, do the thing I love, and make your day! Maybe I should write my own country song!