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Loss Reporting

Submitting your claim through Tuscano's is the preferred method and we will subsequently submit your claim to the carrier. You can submit a loss notice via e-mail to

Acord Loss Notice Forms
ACORD 1 - Property Loss Notice
ACORD 2 - Automobile Loss Notice
ACORD 3 - General Liability Notice of Occurrence/Claim

General recommendations for an insured in case of a loss:

Contact the police if the loss is due to any violation of the law, such as vandalism.

Notify your agent as soon as possible that your property has sustained a loss. Provide:

Protect Your Property - Take whatever reasonable steps are necessary to prevent further damage. Keep receipts of any costs incurred for consideration as part of the claim. For example, if strong winds tore a portion of the roof from your building, putting up a temporary cover would be a reasonable means of mitigating the damage.

Itemize - Once the property is protected and secure, you can begin to itemize the damaged and undamaged items and begin to locate supporting paperwork that helps establish your claim.

Read - It is very important that you read your policy when you get it from your agent. Encourage your agent to explain each section of your policy, and make sure that the policy is applicable to the risk that both you and your agent intended to insure.

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