Underwriter Trainee
W.N. Tuscano Agency (WNT) is a growing company in an interesting and challenging segment of the insurance industry. We are looking for talented individuals to fill our trainee program. This position is for a candidate who, while lacking experience in insurance, exhibits the tendencies and motivation to be successful in this training program. This trainee position is open to both current employees and external candidates on an on-going basis. WNT is looking for candidates with very specific qualifications, characteristics and values. All candidates (both internal and external) must meet or exceed the outlined qualifications below.

Training Outline:
The individual will spend a period of time working in various departments throughout WNT where they will become familiar with different insurance terms, concepts and become proficient in the use of the agency management system. Additionally, they will familiarize themselves with the processes and workflows utilized by a successful underwriter and his/her support team.

Basic components that will be learned during the training period:
  • Learn about the service standards, service vision, operations, policies and procedures utilized by WNT
  • Build relationships with our markets and retail customers
  • Acquire knowledge of markets utilized by Tuscano (brokerage and MGA) and understand each company’s risk appetite
  • Effectively apply guidelines from Company Underwriting Manuals
  • Understand classification of risks and what factors are used to determine rates
  • Learn and apply insurance principles (e.g. Minimum Earned Premium, Minimum & Deposit Premium, C.O.P.E., Insurance-to-Value, Surplus Lines Regulations)
  • Understand insurance forms and coverages
The individual must be self-motivated and invest in their education and training formally and through self-study efforts using outside resources.

While being goal-oriented, the individual must have the patience to know that their training and development will take years not months. Therefore, commitment must be made to undergo 2 years of training programs. Upon successful completion, wherein the candidate shows competency in the operational, technical and experiential aspects of the underwriting position, the candidate will be placed into a commercial underwriting position empowered to underwrite and make important decisions on behalf of the WNT.

Competencies & Qualifications:
  • Relationship Building: Create, develop and foster strong relationships over time with co-workers, company underwriters and retail agency producers
  • Organizational Skills: Possess strong organization skills while having the capacity to manage multiple deadlines and a strong sense of urgency to not miss deadlines
  • Stress Management: Function effectively under pressure
  • Customer Orientation: Align with WNT’s customer service expectations
  • Interpersonal Awareness: Notice, interpret and anticipate others’ concerns and feelings, and to communicate this awareness empathetically to others
  • Computer Literacy: Ability to learn new systems quickly as well as knowledge of Microsoft operating systems and MS Office programs
  • Communication Skills: Provide effective and clear communicate in conversations, interactions with others and in writing
  • Analytical thinking: Superior abstract reasoning ability and substantial critical thinking skills
  • Team Building: Respond constructively to others’ ideas and suggestions while promoting team work and engaging in a cooperative team atmosphere.
  • Career Progression: Actively seek training opportunities that facility career progression
Required Education & Licenses:
  • Bachelor’s degree required
  • Hold a current Pennsylvania Property & Casualty Producer License or must attain one in 6 months
  • Hold a current Pennsylvania Surplus Lines License or must attain one in 1 year
Future Outline & Expectations:
An underwriter must be able to assess the information provided on applications, obtain missing information as needed, and have the decision-making skills to allow them to pursue and obtain the quotes that present the right combination of pricing, coverage, and services that are best suited to the individual risk.

An underwriter needs to have the ability to qualify applications and recognize which ones present the highest chance of success, and the discipline to focus their efforts and energies on those opportunities. They must be able to decline risks that do not present as good of an opportunity without damaging the relationship with the retail broker.

A successful candidate must be persistent and goal oriented. The individual must have a strong desire to solicit new submissions as the person in the underwriting position is responsible for producing a required volume of new business. The candidate must have the ability to gather information from various sources beginning with submitted applications, forming an opinion about the application, and interpreting and communicating that interpretation to various expert parties.

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The Tuscano Agency is an equal opportunity employer. We will not discriminate against an employee or applicant on the basis of race, creed, color, sex, age, marital status, disability/handicap, religion, national origin or military service. We offer a comprehensive benefits package that includes health, disability, life insurance, 401(k), paid vacation, tuition reimbursement and employee child care services.

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