News & Views: Let's Huddle
Newsletter – Thursday, November 15, 2018
One of the disciplines we have at the Tuscano Agency is to hold a weekly team huddle. All of our teams do this and my management team is no exception. We started the huddles as a way to really dig into the Tuscano values and our customer service principles. At times we have followed books, online learning systems, and even user suggested topics. 
In a recent management team huddle, the topic that our controller brought to the meeting was the subject matter covered in a TEDx talk by Shawn Achor, The happy secret to better work. The basis of the talk was essentially how the lens through which we view the world shapes us. The speaker studies happiness and proposes that only 10% of our happiness comes from the external world and 90% comes through the way we perceive that world. If we change our thinking so that happiness is generated from the inside out, we can actually be more successful in our life. I’d keep going but I’m a poor substitute for Shawn, so listen to the video and let me know what you think. 
The bottom line for me is to stay thankful. I am thankful for all I have, the people I get to lead, and the customers we get to serve. As we approach the holidays, I am hopeful and optimistic that thankfulness and happiness will help us be better neighbors, family members, and citizens.
As you are probably aware, many surplus lines insurers are looking to enter the private flood insurance market. I personally believe that this is an important first step in engaging consumers to purchase flood insurance and stabilizing this market for the future. Recent changes by the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) allow consumers to place coverage with a private insurer and cancel the duplicate NFIP policy! Bravo for common sense! While there is still a lot of volatility to the market, we now have the basis for a good first step. 
Your second step should be to contact Tuscano for placing your private flood coverage. Our private flood insurance program is delivered through AM Best "A" rated surplus lines insurers. We can offer primary flood limits up to $5 million on both personal and commercial properties. Our policy wording meets lender compliance as well as provides more coverage options than the NFIP, including time element options for commercial policyholders. We are most competitive in tougher flood-prone, higher risk areas, while we are not as likely to compete with the NFIP in low hazard, subsidized areas. And don’t forget, we can write this business in 21 states and the District of Columbia. Nicole Pluesis your go-to contact for all things flood-related, so feel free to pick up the phone and give her a call (866-442-8063, ext. 320) with any questions. We also have a great deal of information available on our flood page where you can also find our flood rater. Check it out – it is easy and quick and provides a full quote and application.
The last thing before I go, I’m happy to remind you that we have been growing our garage business this year; you should seriously call us when you have a repair garage or dealer to work on. Whether you have a ‘mom and pop’ used car sales business or a garage operation that services heavy trucks or even off-road equipment, we have experts in this class that can help you. Reach out to Annie Miller at ext. 593 or Ryan Moore at ext. 122 to discuss your risk and our markets that can provide you with your insurance solution!
Oh, and one more last thing! Tis the season for all kinds of special events and Tuscano loves to write this business! We have online rating as well as a quick and easy online submission tool which gets your submission to our Small Business Unit directly and fast! It also generates your application for you. Check it out for that next holiday event you are asked to insure!