News & Views: The College Drop-Off
Newsletter – Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Yesterday Teri and I dropped Sam, our youngest, off at college. In the tradition of parents of college freshmen everywhere, she unpacked his things and made his bed and I shook hands and introduced myself to everyone on his dorm floor. Let the emptying of the nest begin! 

Teri and I (mostly Teri) have tried to raise our kids to become good people. All along this journey we wanted them to be independent, make good choices, be respectful, love life and be curious about the world they live in. School has never been easy for Sam; he's a sweet and funny boy but not very academically-minded. So when he expressed his desire to attend the Penn College of Technology in Williamsport, PA we were a little surprised and a lot hopeful. Unlike our Grace who visited 17 schools in her college search, Sam only looked at two - but he visited Penn College six times before we finally dropped him off! 

Where's that leave Teri and me? We are on that letting go journey - Sam's in school, Grace is heading to New England to start her post-university life, and we will be sitting home trying to un-orbit from our kids! 

Of course, every Tuscano family event needs to be accompanied by good food and this trip was no different! We discovered (though I am sure the Williamsport locals know it well) a great little restaurant called Franco's Lounge and Music Club. Franco's is a very old-school kind of place with very little curb appeal. However, Teri and I are huge fans of Diners, Drive-ins and Dives so we seem to have a nose for these places. Plus, the sign on the restaurant door said 'No cell phones' and that sealed the deal. Everyone in Franco's was friendly, the music was smooth and jazzy, the martinis were great (they'd have to be in a place like this right?); all in all Goldilocks would have declared Franco's 'just right'! 

So what is your 'just right' place? What appeals to you and how do you find it, or do you stumble upon it? When you walk away, do you ask yourself what you liked or didn't like? Enough talk about restaurants - what about the insurance wholesalers you use? 

Certainly, we know that being responsive is the most important quality in a broker. But what if that broker responded like a jerk? What if they don't know you and they don't really care about your insurance problem? What if you are small potatoes in their mega-big world? What if their response (or hidden in it) is simply 'go away'? I can assure you that while the underwriters at Tuscano are just as busy and under as much or more pressure to get things done as any other brokerage house you deal with, at Tuscano you will be treated like a valued customer and we will act like your problem-solvers. 

In fact, problem-solving and insurance coverage for restaurants are two of our favorite things to do here at the Tuscano Agency! Over the years we have developed an expertise in the hospitality market, and have attracted a variety of carriers that specialize in this line of business. You will be hard pressed to find a group of underwriters more knowledgeable or capable of putting together a package of insurance coverage for your restaurant and bar clients. Whether you need to place the entire package or just a piece of it, we can help. 

At Tuscano we have great markets for liability or property coverage that can handle everything from a coastal exposure to heavy entertainment. The same is true for writing monoline liquor liability. Not every risk is the same and neither is every liquor market! That's why we have several and we are so good at finding the right market for your account. We want your experience to be just right and that means putting all the important things together - responsiveness, good pricing, and the right coverage. So call Tuscano for all of your hospitality business - after all, we share your goal to write the account! 

Even as I write, I can't help but be saddened by the horrific events in Charlottesville this past week. Please join me in praying for healing and unity, and that our nation might overcome all racial divides and stand united against hate. 

Not too hot, not too cold, but just right!