News and Views: From Farmer to Underwriter
Newsletter – Monday, August 2, 2021
I grew up in a working-class neighborhood with streetlights, a dirt lot to play ball in, and a playground only 1 block away. So how did a boy from Hilltop decide that the farmer’s life was for him? It’s pretty obvious that I had an overactive fantasy life! In my twenties I bought a pretty rough farm property – but hey, I was going to have a garden and raise chickens! Thirty years later, the chickens are gone and the garden is contained in nice manageable raised beds!
Dreams are good to have, and while I was dreaming about the country life, Bill Tuscano was dreaming about how to get enough business in the door to keep three underwriters busy! We are all proud to be a part of Bill’s dream, though I don’t think even he ever imagined that someday Tuscano would have over 30 underwriters and as many underwriting assistants. My how the boy and the business have grown (up).
That said, Tuscano is not too old to throw a party! We are celebrating our 50th anniversary in business (1 year late). Whether you are local or in another state, we'd love for you (guests welcome) to join us... Seven Springs Resort is the venue for our Summer Hummer of a shindig, so check your calendar and if you are free, then please join us on August 13. You should have gotten a follow-up email invite, but if not, the link to RSVP is easy to get to –!
Even though we have 50 years under our belt, that doesn’t mean we don’t have a long game in mind. It has always been our intention to be the friendliest, most knowledgeable, and responsive brokerage agency you do business with. You know this job can be stressful, but we love it and we love being able to help our customers.
The Property, Package, and Liquor team (PPL) have been earning kudos; they are writing some nice accounts and are really digging in to help their customers. They just wrote a very nice 6-figure multi-line motel account and several large liquor liability accounts. The wide range of what they work on varies from vacant properties to restaurants of all sizes and formats. They are experts at commercial habitational property like apartment buildings, student housing, or hotels. Their knowledge of the coverages and the markets make the PPL team extremely capable and helpful. Any building could have a huge variation in exposures which could affect how hard it is to place. But that’s what is so amazing about this group; they embrace the challenges and dig in to overcome them. Next time, give Lily, Jess, Scot, Betsey, Nicole, or Sue a call. They are happy to discuss your risk.
Hoping we’ll see you at Seven Springs on the 13th! We’ll celebrate like it’s 1992!