News and Views: Celebrating Milestones
Newsletter – Thursday, April 15, 2021
Happy Tax Day! I know, the federal government extended the deadline for filing personal income taxes, but I can’t help it. You see, every year, I get to gloat at my sister because my taxes are filed and she’s filing an extension! OK, maybe that sounds a little evil, but there’s not much I can say that I am better at than Jinny!
You know what other big day just occurred? Debbie Stoner just celebrated 40 years with the Tuscano Agency. I know! She started here when she was 10! Debbie has a fan base of agents because not only is she a talented underwriter, has a depth of market knowledge and experience, and is fast to respond, but she’s been doing it consistently all this time! Debbie has underwritten almost every line of business we offer. Today, she sits in a pretty important role as one of two dedicated Tuscano Professional Liability underwriters. She and her teammates, Sandy, Ashley, and Sherry manage a large book of professional business and they are always looking to help you with your next PL risk. Got one on your desk? Give Debbie or Sandy a call!
We have another big milestone to celebrate and share today. Michelle Morton joined Tuscano 20 years ago. She started in our Personal Lines Department and spent time in Commercial underwriting as an assistant underwriter. She worked hard and then stepped into an underwriting role several years ago. Michelle was also one of our first full-time remote working success stories! Well before remote was fashionable or typical, Michelle and her family moved to South Carolina but we couldn’t stand to lose her. So, she has been working remotely for 15 years now and though we miss her in-person, she has never skipped a beat. Three years ago, we promoted Michelle to Assistant Manager for P&C underwriting, and I am super-excited to let you know she is again being promoted to manage the Property, Package and Liquor team. High-fives to Michelle and Debbie and our sincere appreciation for all they do.
We have a lot of movement happening here at Tuscano and I believe that’s because we are expanding our footprint and growing our business. Success stories like Michelle and Debbie help us to know that the most important thing we can do is to fill positions with associates that will join us on our mission now and for the next 50 years of Tuscano!
Make it a great day!