News & Views: Remember When...
Newsletter – Thursday, July 2, 2020
Remember when you could answer a medical questionnaire and report that your alcohol use was "occasional and social?"
I’m afraid the pandemic and all of the upheavals in my world has pushed me into the category "More often than not!"
I’m still thinking I can call a cocktail medicinal; take some top-shelf bourbon, an orange slice, a splash of bitters and simple syrup, shake it all up with ice and add a splash of soda water. Unwinding after a day of working has a whole new meaning. I feel a little like a yo-yo stuck in perpetual motion until Teri puts a glass in my hand! Thankfully she is also keeping me to a one and done limit!
I recently had a customer send me an email that was one of the best compliments any business could receive. He said, “I think the measure of an organization is not whether there will be mistakes or misunderstandings, but how that organization resolves those issues and you should know that Tim and your team responded positively and effectively to answer our concerns.” See? Even if I have a drink every night of the week, I have not lost my ability to keep our team focused on our Tuscano Mission! We are here through the best and the worst of times, providing professional service to you, our partners. 
We are here for the long run and will stand behind what you place with us.  
I want to pause here and say thank you for your business. Thank You!! Over the last three months, we have gone through a lot together. Even when new business slowed, we were busier than ever! The team was accessible and helpful, answering questions about coverages and adjusting the premium basis and processing huge numbers of change requests. In June we saw our new business submissions bounce back to last year’s levels. It’s good to see new business (again!) and we thank you for hanging in there and recognizing Tuscano as the team in your corner.
In case you missed the email announcement, Tuscano is now offering policy download through IVANs!!  Yes – it’s OK to do your happy dance right now! We are admittedly taking it slow with only monoline GL policies initially. We will be adding commercial auto, homeowner, and dwelling lines of business over the next several months. If your agency wants to receive downloads from us then complete this online questionnaire (please, only one response per agency). Once you opt-in (or out if that’s your preference), we’ll let you know when we are ready to go live. And yes, you can opt-in for personal lines, commercial lines, or both. We hope this gives you another reason to love working with Tuscano Agency!
Back to business means reminding you of the classes we do write (all of them). Products Liability for manufacturers is a line of business we have a lot of success with. Not every market has an appetite for stand-alone products but Tuscano does! We can help you with new ventures, pandemic-related, or an established manufacturer you’ve written for years. Who should you call? The Tuscano Casualty team!
Another line of business that is experiencing some tightening is habitational. But here at The Tuscano Agency, we write this business all day, every day! Whether you have a property that is ocean-front, a rental dwelling that needs a coat of paint, or an account with hundreds of units, give the Property/Package Team at Tuscano a call.
As we approach our nation’s 244th birthday, let’s take time to reflect on what freedom and justice for all looks like in our generation.
With love and respect