News & Views: Dear Santa
Newsletter – Tuesday, December 17, 2019
Dear Santa,
I feel like it was just last week that I wrote my last letter to you. Boy oh boy, this year went by fast. I’m sure you know that the Tuscano Agency is going to celebrate 50 years in business next year! And since you were always the best at gifting, I sure could use some suggestions on how to make 2020 a truly special year for all of our customers, carriers, and staff. While you are working on that, I have a few other items on my list.
  • Our IT Team has been working to make our customers' lives easier with all the awesome raters and submission tools available on the Tuscano Toolbox. I just know customers will love these tools and what better gift could Tuscano give?
  • We’ve been writing Private Flood insurance for about a year now and boy have we made brokers happy! I want all of our customers to be happy, so please spread the word – Call Tuscano or go online for a fast and easy flood quote.
  • Personal Lines got a really awesome new Homeowner's market this fall. Now we need to let our customers know that we are open for business! When they have a not too good, not too bad, owner-occupied dwelling, we can totally help them out.
  • Fifty years is a pretty good run for a family business. I would happily take 50 more good years – and while you are at it can you whisper in the ears of my grand-nieces and nephews that working in the family business is a great career choice!
  • Our new Hospitality team wants to spread holiday cheer all around and I told them you would be happy to sprinkle it in with all of the presents you leave under our customers' trees.
  • JoAnn Lennert and Teri Masarik, two of our Package Team underwriters have announced their retirement in 2020. Please send each of them the submission of a lifetime to write before they head out on their next adventures.
  • I was hoping to get a magic hat this year, you know, in case I need to pull something out of it?
  • We’ll miss Jeff Johnson when he retires at the end of this month. No one can replace him so I won’t even bother asking.
´╗┐And of course, Peace on earth, good will to men, women, and children everywhere, oh and God bless us, everyone!