News & Views: Change Happens
Newsletter – Friday, March 1, 2019
You may say you don’t like change, but in the last 10 years, I’ll bet your habits have changed dramatically! 
For instance, Teri and I are avid hockey fans but when we sit down to watch a game, we always start the game about an hour after the puck drops so we can fast forward through the commercials and intermissions. And then there is this - when I ask my wife where the checkbook is she laughs at me; apparently we pay most of our bills online. Boom – scheduled and paid in one easy transaction. Change happened and I never even picked up on it.
Lately, when I travel, I am likely to forgo the rental car and opt to use Uber to get from place to place. What about you? When you want to watch a movie you are probably scrolling through Netflix or Amazon Prime. And if you go out for a beer, I’ll bet you are thinking about the local craft brew. 
Every industry has changed pretty dramatically over the last 10 years. New industries are now the name-brands for how we do things. Uber, Kayak, and Airbnb have changed the way the people vacation; YouTube, Netflix and Hulu have changed how people are entertained, and Amazon has changed how people shop! Like the four seasons, change and disruption are coming! But as insurance professionals, as long as we continue to provide service and relationship, change will make us better. Tuscano is working hard to be the E&S wholesaler you can rely on. I have been excited about change lately because I think about the way it’s going to be and not so much about remembering when.
If you are looking to find a broker to work with that will care about you the way you care for your customers, look no further! We’ve been having a lot of success turning submissions into quotes and quotes into binders. We are dedicated to making sure you receive the customer experience you deserve. 
The Package Team has been seeing a nice bump in new apps lately and I’m positive it is because they are doing a great job for their customers. Sure, they are property experts, but their expertise is industry level – habitational business, hospitality business, vacant properties, and general lessor’s risks. They find ways to write the difficult risks as well: high values, schedules, wind-exposed, unprotected. Give them a call – they love to help.
A recent addition to the portfolio of business Tuscano is writing is Flood. Be sure to give Nicole Plues a call if you have a need to place private flood insurance. In fact, you can get up to speed on writing flood business with Tuscano by attending our Flood Coverages Webinar on March 28th. Register today!
Thanks for your business!